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My North American friends...
timmyspace wrote in chairhead
Just thought I'd jump on quickly and share the great for those over on the other side of world, getting out the razors and crying over the fact that they can't get share of the 'Young Modern' action. Well never fear because...

YOUNG MODERN is to be released in NORTH AMERICA!

Yes they have been picked up by the Warner's Independant Label Group. Still releasing the album under 'Eleven', they successfully managed to release their album the way THEY wanted to, with no production involvement by A&R people. Hats off to you boys... the way music SHOULD be made.

A tour should follow. A European tour is confirmed. Rumours are that Silverchair will do a full blown tour with Powderfinger in Australia, and North American tour dates to follow

You can all stop whining now ;)


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