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timmyspace wrote in chairhead
All I can say is.. wow! And you thought Diorama wasn't a one listen album. But here are my initial thoughts..

Young Modern Station - Killer opener! The most like old Silverchair on the record. Which is not saying much because it states pop rock sensibility from the very start.

Straight Lines - Simply, a solid rock ballad. Epic beginning, felt better when Daniel moves out of false for this one. This one deserves the voice he found in Diorama.

If You Keep Losing Sleep - Tuna in the Brine v2.0. Love it twice as much. A whirling mix of synth, a catchy rock tempo and orchestral stylings. To me, the best studio track in years!

Reflections of a Sound - Somehow the boys manage to channel Paul McCartney for what seems like a White Album inspired accoustic free flowing feel good pop track.

Those Theiving Birds/Strange Behaviour - A beautiful orchestral masterpiece. An eight minute epic that begins and ends with pure wailing strings and Daniel working new sonics with his falsetto. In the middle contains a synth pop reminiscent of a vintage Talking Heads. Van Dyke Parks rates a big mention here. You'll be left floating on a cloud.

The Man That Knew Too Much - Moves into a more earthy feel. Reminds me of my days as a mop headed brit pop fan. The woo woos a throwback to the early days of Blur, once again signs of catchy pop loops but combined with steel guitar and jazz organ.

Waiting All Day - Sweetness and light. A pure love song. And I have to admit it, it's one one of my faves. Very 50's guitar, a dissociatives style false again from mister lovey-dovey johns. Do I see Natalie anywhere here?

Mind Reader - Let's Fuck! Gene Symmons would be proud of this one. More keys from Paul Mac lays the foundation for a classic down and dirty rock track, and a VERY catchy chorus.

Low - Here comes Paul again! Slow rolling late 70's style pop ballad that has more sugar than Luv Your Life. Like what Daniel is doing with his vocals here.

Insomnia - Anyone remember Fleetwood Mac? Well the oldies will love this one. Wailing guitar, and big drums keep you cruising along until the choruses. You'll go to turn it off until you realise your foot won't stop tapping.

All Across The World - Silverchair's 'Hey Jude'. Very Beatles inspired singalong showstopper. Now let's all hold hands and love each other. In truth this is one of my favourites from the album.

And there you have it. First thoughts, adventurous! I'm still stuck in the excitedness of it all, but I love the amazing compositions that every track brings. I'm really proud to support something this courageous. Would love to hear what you think. So that's all from me, hear from you soon.

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thank you for the awesome review!! it's so great to read about another Silverchair fan. i live in Boston, MA and i feel like the only person who knows of them!! :)

So glad I'm not the only one who thought Beatles when listening to this! I heard a bit of 80s new wave too; overall entirely different but still the same amazing Silverchair :D also, I'm so happy they decided to keep the orchestra element, my favorite characteristics of their music.

I really love it. After hearing Straight Lines, I thought that the album would be going in a very different direction. It still has, but I was surprised by what the rest of the album sounded like. Pleasantly surprised.
I think it may be my favorite album of theirs so far. It's very solid. :)

this new album is the business! I love all their albums, but the thing I love most is to hear their sound develop and change with every new song they write, it's amazing! So many bands don't spend any time producing new sounds and creating new adventures for themselves, it's a shame.

It's not exactly what I expected when I heard the new album was being released, but it definitely didn't let me down!

I love it

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