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Silverchair Sale! (last day)
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Just a quick reminder to let people know that today is the last day of my You can find the sale Silverchair sale. There are still many CD's, magazine, LAS newsletters and books available. So, if you've been thinking about taking a look, or missed the original post, now is the time to check it out.

You can find the sale posted here.

Apologies to the mods if this is not allowed. Feel free to delete.

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Silverchair LIVE in Indianapolis - 11 December 2007
Me with pigtails
I was so excited. I had been waiting 8 years for this moment after thinking I'd never get the chance to see silverchair play live again and having missed the Orlando show in Florida, which is the first time I've missed a silverchair show in Florida. But as fate would have it, I ended up in Indianapolis and stuck up in Indiana longer then expected, silverchair was coming to Indianapolis when I would be up here. There was no way I was going to miss seeing them.

When we arrived at the Music Mill there was no line outside, but we had to wait a while inside before the opened doors to the concert area. The inside area was filled with adoring silverchair fans, most of whom I could only assume had grown up on and with the band, as I have based on the way they were talking. Around 8:15 we were finally shuffled in to the concert area. I raced to the front of the stage, where to my surprise, there was no barricade or bouncers between the fans and the stage. I was able to get up close and personal. There, we stood and waited for the first band to take the stage. After a while, which felt like forever, the opening band, As Tall As Lions, took the stage. They were a 5 piece band and were pretty good. They had an interesting sound and had a great stage presence and energy. When they came out, the lead guitarist asked the crowed if we were ready for silverchair. Everyone screamed "YES!" He looks at us with a grin and says "Well, too bad. We are as tall as lions!" And they kicked in to their first song. They played a 7 or 8 song set and thanked silverchair for taking them out the last few nights. And then they left the stage.

More waiting was to be ensued. This time we knew what was coming next. I started conversation with the girls next to me, who had been traveling around the states catching as many shows as they could afford to. They were from Ohio. The girl next to them who was in a Freak Show shirt from the 1997 tour and her buddy were from Missouri. I was from Florida. Die hard silverchair fans will travel far and wide, or to their local states just to catch this band live over and over again. Finally, the lights went dim, the stage lights went red and the sounds of trains and sirens started.

After a few minutes of building us up with that, the chair came out. Chris walked on stage first, followed by Ben and Paul Mac. And then, with a cup in hand, Mr.Johns himself came out. He put his cup up on the speaker and strapped his guitar on and they started their set with Young Modern Station. After that they went immediately into Emotion Sickness, Daniel went down to his knees and we sang "GET UP! GET UP! GET UP! GEEEEET UUUUUUUP!" And he stood up and finished the song. After Emotion Sickness, the stage lights went black with just a spotlight on Chris as he played the opening riff to Israel's Son. This really got the crowed going and it was awesome to hear live again especially after I had thought they stopped playing songs from Frogstomp. In the middle of Israel's Son Daniel took his white over shirt off his white button down shirt. After the song Daniel thanked the crowed and walked over to take a sip of his drink. Daniel came back to the mic and someone in the crowed was requesting a song. Daniel looked over and told the fan that they weren't taking requests, made the "sorry" gesture with his arms and then bent down and shaked the fans hand which seemed to satisfy them. "Can I please get a C note?" Daniel asked, "Come on, everybody!" He then demonstrated a C note with his vocals, which we all sang back to him when he cued us to. "Aww, so cute!" he said and then went straight into Reflections Of A Sound. After that Daniel asked us to put our hands together and we complied with his request as the band played Insomnia. The next song of the set was a painfully beautiful version of Ana's Song. Daniel again thanked the crowed and rolled up the sleeves on his black shirt. "We just had the last two days off yesterday and now our throats are tired." He told us. "Thank you very much for coming out tonight from our genuinely insincere ----" and put his hand on his heart. Then he told us that HBO was showing 8 Russel Crow movies and that someone needed to talk to the president. "I'll do it, don't worry", he said, followed by a smile and chuckle at Chris then came back to us and said no he's not, "I'm not going to do shit", he said, "But I do have a very important message for you before we go any further." And with that they played The Greatest View. Once again he thanked us very much. He told us 3 fifths of the band had a virus that they were sharing. "We're gonna sweat it out, bitch, don't you worry!" He said. He also told someone in the crowed that he'd hold them, "I'll hold you. I don't give a fuck. I'll hold you forever. Alright, put your hands in the air, come on. Now when I say 1-2-3-4 I want you to put them together, and I want you to sing along. I want a lot of things for this song. I want 3 things for this song, this is number 1 - option A put your hands in the air and clap them. 1-2-3-4." And with that they played Straight Lines. Ben got a little bit of a drum solo which Dan introduced and he jumped up and sat up on Paul Mac's keyboard station. After that Daniel opened up a bottle of water and asked someone in the crowed if they were thirsty "I don't know if you want to sip from this bottle, I've got a sore throat" but he threw the bottle into the crowed anyway, "just thought I'd warn you. It's not AIDS but it's bad. So yeah yeah yeah, it's Saturday, right? Good...No no no, it's not Tuesday. We don't do Tuesday. We only do Friday and Saturday so it's not Tuesday. It's Saturday for sure." He stepped away for a moment and raised his hands for the crowed who were hooting and hollering. "Hey bartender, can we have 5 gin and tonics, is that alright? What happens when you drink half a bottle of cough syrup and then you drink on it? That's what's going on. Put your hands in the air one more time. If I ask you if you'll me a favor, you say 'WHAT'." Everyone screamed "What?" He shook his head and said "I haven't even asked you yet. Will you do me a favor?" And again we all screamed "What!" He asked again "Will you do me a favor?" Of course everyone screamed "What?!" again. One more time he asked again, and we replied. "Favor!", "What?" "Favor!", "What?" "Will ya?" "What!" "Favor!" "What?" Finally he told us what he wanted. "When I say 1-2-3-4 will you clap your hands to my sick friends drum, yes or no?" Of course there was a resounding "YES!" hollered back from us. "I can't hear ya", he said. "YES!" even louder we screamed. "Give me one that raises the roof, biotch" he put his ear out to the crowed and we screamed again even louder. "What's cooler then cool?" he asked and everyone answered "ice cold!" Then finally Ben started the drums to Mind Reader. After this song the gin and tonics made their way to the stage and Daniel took a few sips noting that they even gave them a straw with it. "Can you scream for me one time?" We all screamed. Someone threw a scarf on stage which Daniel put on himself. "Now scream for me two times!" We all screamed twice. "Will you scream for me 9 times?" Ben counted out the screams with his drums. "I didn't hear the last few, will you scream for me 7 times?" We did. "One time. Two times. Three times." He paused and questioned what someone was screaming to him "Silverchair belongs? Silverchair for LIFE! Ohh. That's why we have so many personal problems. Scream for me one time! Two times! Three times! One loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time! Two slow and sexually frustrated times." Then he introduced Mr. Paul Mac. And introduced Mr. Adam Sofo (Forgive me if I heard wrong but that's what it sounded like) who was playing keyboards at the other end of the stage. And then he introduced Mr. Chris Joannou and Mr. Ben Gillies. "Scream for me one time! Two times! Three times! What's next is not hard." He started singing a pretty melodic little song about how he was so tired and hadn't slept. Then asked us to scream a few more times for him. Finally they played If You Keep Losing Sleep. He wanted us to scream again in the middle of the song. I got the feeling that this was greatly amusing him. "Everybody on the left say 'Ho!' Everybody on the right say 'Mo'!" And with that there was a HO-MO screamed from the audience. Daniel laughed. "Now let me hear you count me in with 1-2-3-4!" And the continued on playing If You Keep Losing Sleep with Daniel jumping up on Paul Mac's station playing on his back then slid down to the floor and played on his knees. With the end of the song he thanked us again, and took the guitar off and the band departed the stage. A few minutes later they came back out. Ben was in boxer shorts and Daniel had his shirt completely off. They played Freak as the encore song. It was awesome. And then they left the stage for good for the night. There were a few times durring the show that Dan played guitar with his teeth and a time or two behind his back, and above his head. It was the most awesome silverchair show I'd ever seen. I've never seen Daniel so interactive with the crowed before. It was great to see the band back together again. They all looked like they were having a great time. And I can say without a doubt, this was a wonderful ending to a pretty shitty personal year for me. I just can't wait to see them play live again. I left feeling completely high and this was one night I will never forget.

SETLIST (in order):
Young Modern Station
Emotion Sickness
Israel's Son
Reflections Of A Sound
Ana's Song
The Greatest View
Straight Lines
Mind Reader
If You Keep Losing Sleep

Me with pigtails
I get to see silverchair tonight!
First time since I was 17 (8 years ago). I can't wait! :) SOOOOOOOOO excited! Will post pictures (or videos) and review tomorrow at some point!

i'm the luckiest girl ever
i finalllllllly get to see silverchair. they're playing some radio/festival type show on tuesday. i'm beyond excited. i've been waiting for 11 years!

so i was just wondering what the setlist might be like and if they ever hang out with fans after the show. i totally might turn into a 12 year old teenie bopper and embarass myself if they do.

for real, 11 years! i just might die.

anyone going to Indianapolis show?
Me with pigtails
Hey, if anyone is going to the Indianapolis show, let me know if you wanna meet up. I live in Florida but there's no possible way I would have been able to go to the Orlando show on the 1st of December and I ended up in Indianapolis anyway for a part of this month and half of December and as fate would have it, I'm going to the show on the 11th at the Music Mill in Indianapolis and as of yet have no one going with me. I'm cool with going solo but it'd be nice to meet up with another chairfan who loves silverchair as much as I do. :) I haven't seen silverchair since I was 17 (25 now) and I'm GOING to have the time of my life at this show. I'm so excited!

My North American friends...
Just thought I'd jump on quickly and share the great for those over on the other side of world, getting out the razors and crying over the fact that they can't get share of the 'Young Modern' action. Well never fear because...

YOUNG MODERN is to be released in NORTH AMERICA!

Yes they have been picked up by the Warner's Independant Label Group. Still releasing the album under 'Eleven', they successfully managed to release their album the way THEY wanted to, with no production involvement by A&R people. Hats off to you boys... the way music SHOULD be made.

A tour should follow. A European tour is confirmed. Rumours are that Silverchair will do a full blown tour with Powderfinger in Australia, and North American tour dates to follow

You can all stop whining now ;)

Hi Everyone,

My brother bought 4 tickets (he thought I could ask a friend of mine, but he didnt know that none of my friends actually like Silverchair) to the gig at Metropolis Fremantle on May 7.

I have tried to find another person i actually know to come along but I havent had much luck. I will be selling it for $60 (thats how much there were on sale for so Im not making any $)

So, if you are in Perth (or you are willing to fly here!!!) and want to take this wonderful ticket off my hands, please leave a comment or email me at


[LJ2ME (]
All I can say is.. wow! And you thought Diorama wasn't a one listen album. But here are my initial thoughts..

Young Modern Station - Killer opener! The most like old Silverchair on the record. Which is not saying much because it states pop rock sensibility from the very start.

Straight Lines - Simply, a solid rock ballad. Epic beginning, felt better when Daniel moves out of false for this one. This one deserves the voice he found in Diorama.

If You Keep Losing Sleep - Tuna in the Brine v2.0. Love it twice as much. A whirling mix of synth, a catchy rock tempo and orchestral stylings. To me, the best studio track in years!

Reflections of a Sound - Somehow the boys manage to channel Paul McCartney for what seems like a White Album inspired accoustic free flowing feel good pop track.

Those Theiving Birds/Strange Behaviour - A beautiful orchestral masterpiece. An eight minute epic that begins and ends with pure wailing strings and Daniel working new sonics with his falsetto. In the middle contains a synth pop reminiscent of a vintage Talking Heads. Van Dyke Parks rates a big mention here. You'll be left floating on a cloud.

The Man That Knew Too Much - Moves into a more earthy feel. Reminds me of my days as a mop headed brit pop fan. The woo woos a throwback to the early days of Blur, once again signs of catchy pop loops but combined with steel guitar and jazz organ.

Waiting All Day - Sweetness and light. A pure love song. And I have to admit it, it's one one of my faves. Very 50's guitar, a dissociatives style false again from mister lovey-dovey johns. Do I see Natalie anywhere here?

Mind Reader - Let's Fuck! Gene Symmons would be proud of this one. More keys from Paul Mac lays the foundation for a classic down and dirty rock track, and a VERY catchy chorus.

Low - Here comes Paul again! Slow rolling late 70's style pop ballad that has more sugar than Luv Your Life. Like what Daniel is doing with his vocals here.

Insomnia - Anyone remember Fleetwood Mac? Well the oldies will love this one. Wailing guitar, and big drums keep you cruising along until the choruses. You'll go to turn it off until you realise your foot won't stop tapping.

All Across The World - Silverchair's 'Hey Jude'. Very Beatles inspired singalong showstopper. Now let's all hold hands and love each other. In truth this is one of my favourites from the album.

And there you have it. First thoughts, adventurous! I'm still stuck in the excitedness of it all, but I love the amazing compositions that every track brings. I'm really proud to support something this courageous. Would love to hear what you think. So that's all from me, hear from you soon.

[LJ2ME (] Happy Young Modern Day!
I know that the majority of the world is in MySpace land these days. But just wanted to take the chance to wish everyone well in getting their copy of Young Modern. I know from what I've heard already I'm really impressed, and about to pick my special edition today. Please take the time to visit chairhead and tell us what you think. Looking forward to hearing from everybody. Enjoy!

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i kind of love this dude a lot
I hate to do this but the weather is looking like shit for tonight and I can't get any good transportation for the show.

Soooo, I am selling two tickets to Silverchair for tonight's show. This is totally last minute. I'm in long island so I can meet up with someone in this area if they are interested in taking the tickets. I'm selling them for what I paid on which was 100.00. If you're interested please email me at and we can talk things out.


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